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Home Page:

        1 Bedroom Cala Dor Holiday Apartment

        2 Bedroom Cala Dor Holiday Apartment

        3 Bedroom Cala Dor Holiday Villa / Town House

        Holiday Apartment Location
                GoogleMaps link to Cala Dor
                Cala Egos Mallorca Streetmap
                        GoogleMap of Cala Egos
                Cala Dor and Santanyi Streetmap
                        GoogleMap of Cala Dor and Santanyi

        Mallorca and Cala Dor Area History
                History of Mallorca
                Around the Island of Mallorca
                Food and Drink on the Island
                The area of Cala d'Or and Cala Egos
                        Cala Egos Mallorca Streetmap
                                GoogleMap of Cala Egos
                        Cala Dor and Santanyi Streetmap
                                GoogleMap of Cala Dor and Santanyi
                Aerial Photograph of Cala Egos area

        Holiday Accommodation Rental Rates
                Next Year Rental Rates
                Record Car Hire Link

        Car Hire and Holiday Links
                Alicante Car Hire
                Malaga Car Hire
                Mallorca Car Hire
                Majorca Car Hire
                Grand Canaria Car Hire
                Tenerife Car Hire
                Record Rent-a-Car Main Website
                Sky Scanner Airline Flight Search Tool
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                Amazon Holiday Shopping Link
                SwapAndStay Owners Holiday Home Swap Website
                UK Airport Parking
                Holiday apartments on
       - directory of overseas property to rent
                Perfect Geteaways - Holiday Accommodation in Cala d'Or and Cala Egos, Mallorca
                Owners Direct villa rentals


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        Contact Us

        Mallorca Blog

        Malorca Weather

        Amazon Holiday Essentials Shop

        GoogleEarth Link to Cala Dor Holiday District


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